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For the past 20 years, Wohler Technologies has been a world leader in providing in-rack audio and video monitoring solutions for the broadcast, motion picture, and professional audio/visual markets.

The San Francisco-based company was founded in 1983 by Will Wohler and in 1987, with the development of the AMP-1, became the first company to offer a powered speaker system featuring full stereo sound in one rack unit. Through the introduction of the AMP-1A in-rack audio monitor to the broadcast industry in 1989, Wohler Technologies began providing television networks worldwide with audio monitoring solutions for space-critical environments. Building on the success of the AMP-1A, Wohler Technologies continued to develop products that simplify analog and digital source monitoring in facilities of all sizes and complexity. In 1997 the company introduced its video division, PANORAMAdtv, and began offering monitoring technology for video signals. Throughout the past two decades, Wohler Technologies and PANORAMAdtv have continued to evolve with the needs of customers, providing audio and video monitoring systems for analog, AES/EBU, HD/SD-SDI, Dolby® Digital, and Dolby E. Leading the industry with its commitment to innovation, Wohler Technologies was the first to introduce monitoring solutions for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and Dolby signals.
Wohler's strong and dedicated focus on in-rack audio and video monitoring allows them to be first to recognize and respond to industry requirements for compact and convenient monitoring products. The worldwide broadcast industry turns to Wohler to provide standard or custom solutions to their audio & video monitoring needs. Wohler's latest innovations include a range of Dolby audio monitoring products, and a new line of LCD video monitors.


Since inventing the high quality in-rack speaker system, Wohler Technologies has continued to develop and improve the quality and performance of its in-rack audio monitoring product line. Wohler bi-amplified speaker systems are legendary for their loud, clear, precise, and focused sound, from a compact and convenient rack-mount system.

Wohler LED level metering bargraphs provide the highest resolution available, and their unique LED design features offer versatility in level metering previously unavailable. Latest technological innovations include an exclusive range of multi-channel audio monitoring products that decode very complex multi-channel analog and digital signals including Dolby Digital AC-3 emission coding and Dolby E distribution coding protocols. A new range of broadcast quality active matrix TFT LCD video monitors utilize the latest available small screen technology to provide compact and convenient video monitoring.


Wohler's extensive range of audio and video monitoring products allows broadcasters and post-production professionals to monitor signals from a convenient and compact rack-mount system. A comprehensive range of products provides solutions for most applications and budgets. From basic analog to complex multi-channel encoded digital sources. Wohler products offer a monitoring solution for most space-critical applications.


Wohler Technologies will continue in its commitment to produce the best range of rack-mount audio and video monitoring systems available to serve the present and future needs of its worldwide clients.