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8-channel (2 groups) HD/SD-SDI audio processor with alternate AES and analog inputs. Mix, monitor, meter and convert to AES and analog.
Product Description

The AMP1-S8MDA multi-format audio monitor is a complete, exceptionally high quality audio monitoring solution capable of monitoring audio from HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and analog signal sources.

The unit is one rack-space in height (1U) and installs into an industry standard 19" wide rack.

A significant feature of the unit is the ability to process and monitor up to eight channels from an HD-SDI or SD-SDI bit stream, two sets of four AES/EBU signal pairs (balanced and unbalanced), or eight balanced analog channels.

Eight high-resolution 26-segment tri-color LED bargraph audio level meters provide accurate and instantaneous visual level monitoring at a glance.

A convenient high-contrast LCD display on the front panel shows the user settings and status (as currently selected), type of signal, channel selection, mute status, and alternately, phase/correlation.

Input presets may be configured and easily recalled by the user.

The unique acoustic design of the AMP1-S8MDA provides optimally focused sound in an Ultra Near Field tm (1 to 3 feet) environment, which allows higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.

The audio amplifier section features five high performance transducers driven by three power amplifiers: two amplifier/driver combinations handle midrange and high frequency information in stereo (left and right speakers), while the third center channel reproduces information below the 500 Hz crossover point (woofer speaker).

Output limiter circuits are incorporated to protect the speakers, and extensive magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to magnetically sensitive equipment, such as video monitors.

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Wohler Part Number:8103-0020
Signal Inputs Accepted:     
Monitoring Outputs Available:    
Signal Inputs:8 Balanced Analog Inputs on DB-25; 4 Unbalanced AES Input Pairs on BNC; 4 Balanced AES Input Pairs on DB-25; 2 3G/HD/SD-SDI Inputs on BNC
Signal Outputs:2 Balanced Analog Outputs Summed from Selected Source on XLR; 8 Balanced Analog Outputs from Selected Source on DB-25; 4 Balanced AES Loop-through Output Pairs on DB-25; 4 Balanced AES Outputs from SDI on DB-25; 1 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocked Output on BNC
Data Ports:2 RS-232 Connector for programming, setup and diagnostics
Other Features (1):Comprehensive downmix capability; Phase correlation indication; Software is field upgradable
Other Features (2):Storage for ten preset monitoring settings for easy recall
Other Features (3):Alternate scales, color mappings and features such as phase correlation or sum & difference may be specified at the time of order
AES/EBU Input Termination:110 ohms balanced; 75 Ohms unbalanced (DIP Selectable on rear panel)
AES/EBU Input Sampling Rate:32-48 kHz, auto-detecting
SDI Input Termination:75 Ohms unbalanced
Aural Sound Outputs:Wohler Speaker System;Headphone, Mutes Speakers
Acoustic Distortion:8% or less worst case frequencies above 180 Hz including cabinet resonance, typically < 2%
Electrical Distortion:<0.15% at any level below limit threshold
Frequency Response (1/6 octave):80 Hz - 20 kHz (+ or -5 dB); (-10 dB @ 50 Hz, 22 kHz)
Peak Acoustic Output @ 2 feet:98 dB SPL
Hum and Noise:Better than -68 dB below full output
Power Output:RMS each side (2 ohms) - 5W, 7W peak, RMS center WOOFER (4 Ohms) - 11W, 16W peak
Level Meters:8 x 26 Segments (Vertical)
Level Meter Threshold:0, +4, +6, +8 dBv: switch selectable
Level Meter Scale:0 to -60 dB
Level Meter Dynamics:Simultaneous VU & PPM
Level Meter Resolution:1 dB
# of Video Displays:0
Display Characteristics:LCD
Display Modes:Data Only
Rack Height:1RU
Weight:13.0 lbs (5.9 kg)
Shipping Weight:18.0 lbs (8.2 kg)
Dimensions:1.75x19x13.5" (45x483x343mm)
Power Consumption:72W Max
Supplied Accessories:Power Cord
Rear Panel
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