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Dual input 5.8" looped CVBS video monitor with flexible VPOD gooseneck LCD system. 2-channel audio monitoring and metering from corresponding sets of stereo analog audio inputs.
Product Description

The AVMFlex Series audio/video monitors are unparalleled in offering premium quality audio monitoring and LCD video. These units feature the LCD video VPOD™ monitors are the only way to fit a 5.8" LCD screen in only 1RU of rack space. The VPOD™ LCD video monitor is attached to the main chassis by means of a flexible gooseneck, offering users total control of their viewing angle in even the tightest spots.

Wohler brings to this unit the high quality AMP1 self-powered speaker system that delivers high quality sound with 98dB SPL at 2 feet and an exceptional frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz in the smallest space possible.

The extended HF response reveals potential problems with audio whine or hiss. Electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of out-of-phase (reversed polarity) audio feeds. Each unit also provides integrated audio level meters.

The minimal requirement of only 1U of rack space combined with VPOD™ LCD video monitors means that this unit may be mounted in places where rack space is at such a premium almost nothing else will even fit, and yet it will provide high quality Wohler AMP1 series sound.

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Wohler Part Number:8002-0030
Signal Inputs Accepted: 
Monitoring Outputs Available:    
Signal Inputs:4 Balanced Analog Inputs on XLR; 2 CVBS Inputs on BNC
Signal Outputs:2 Balanced Analog Outputs from Selected Source on XLR; 2 CVBS Loop-through Outputs on BNC
Data Ports:1 RS232 on DB-9 for uploading software upgrades into the 910935 audio/video demux board
Aural Sound Outputs:Wohler Speaker System;Headphone, Mutes Speakers
Electrical Distortion:Less than 0.15% at any level below limit threshold
Frequency Response (1/6 octave):80 Hz - 20 kHz (+ or -5 dB); (-10 dB @ 50 Hz, 22 kHz)
Peak Acoustic Output @ 2 feet:98 dB SPL
Hum and Noise:More than -68 dB below full output
Power Output:RMS each side (4 ohms) - 5W, 7W peak; RMS center WOOFER (4 Ohms) - 11W, 16W peak
Level Meters:2 x 10 Segment (Vertical)
Level Meter Threshold:-6, 0, +4, +8 dBv(='0'), DIP selectable; Factory setting is +4 d
Level Meter Scale:+3 to -20 dB
Level Meter Dynamics:VU or PPM: DIP selectable; Factory setting is VU
Level Meter Resolution:1 dB
# of Video Displays:1
Display Size:5.8 in Diagonal
Display Characteristics:Active matrix TFT, mounted on flexible gooseneck
Active Viewing Area:127.2 x 71.8 mm
Native Aspect Ratio:16:9 Native Aspect
Resolution:1200 x 234
Viewing Angle:Top=30; Bottom=60; Left/Right=60
Pixel Pitch:0.106 x 0.307 mm
Luminance:350 NITS (cd/m^2)
Contrast:350 to 1
Display Modes:NTSC/PAL auto-sensing
Lamp LIfe:10K hours (min); 15k hours (avg)
Rack Height:1RU
Weight:9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
Dimensions:1.75x19x10" (44.5x483x254mm)
Power Consumption:20W Avg / 30W Max
Rear Panel
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