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Triple 5.8" CVBS tilting video monitor with 2 inputs per screen. Optional SDI input modules with loop-through.
Product Description

RM-3358W-2C is a triple 5.8” LCD color video monitor, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The standard version has 2 composite video inputs per screen (NTSC and PAL).  Each BNC composite video input has a passive loop through and a 75 Ohm quality LCD chassis offers adjustable viewing angles for efficient operator viewing.

Optional field-installable modules may be added (one per LCD screen). Each one provides an SDI video input channel with a re-clocked SDI video output and a converted composite video output. Adding either the HD-SDI or SD-SDI module replaces your second composite input.  Built-in red/green/yellow tally lights from a rear panel connector can be interfaced to most tally systems.

The RM-3358W-2C is ideal for monitoring of multiple video feeds for mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, duplication and post production applications.

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Wohler Part Number:8001-0100
Signal Inputs Accepted:  
Monitoring Outputs Available: 
Signal Inputs:6 CVBS Inputs on BNC (2 Per Screen)
Signal Outputs:6 Loop-through composite video outputs on BNC (2 per screen)
Other Features (1):HD/SD-SDI auto-sensing input modul (RMHD-1)
Other Features (2):SDI Input Module (RMSDI-1)
Other Features (3):SDI input module with reclocked output (RMSDI-2)
# of Video Displays:3
Display Size:5.8 in Diagonal
Display Characteristics:Active color matrix amorphous Silicon TFT
Active Viewing Area:5.0"H x 2.83"V, 127.0mmH x 71.9mmV
Native Aspect Ratio:16:9 & 4:3 (selectable)
Resolution:1200 x 234
Viewing Angle:Top=30; Bottom=60; Left/Right=60
Pixel Pitch:0.106mm (H) x 0.307mm (V) per RGB pixel cluster
Pixel Response:<20 ms On, <40 m
Luminance:350 cd/m^2
Contrast:400 to 1
Display Modes:NTSC/PAL auto recognition
Lamp LIfe:10k hours (avg)
Chromacity:262K COLORS
Color Depth:RGB Stripe
Rack Height:3RU
Weight:6.3 lbs (2.9 kg)
Dimensions:5.25x19x3.7" (132x483x94mm)
Power Consumption:30W Avg / 48W Max
Supplied Accessories:110/220 External Power Supply
Rear Panel
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