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4" CVBS video monitor with analog audio monitoring and metering. Uses Wohler's high-quality AMP2 architecture.
Product Description

The VAMP-1 is a color video/audio monitor featuring a 4" color back-lit LCD and quality stereo speakers in a 2U rack-size.

The unit features one CVBS video input on BNC connector and two analog audio inputs and loop-through outputs on XLR connectors.

The 4" LCD screen offers simple confidence monitoring of video and has front panel controls for brightness, chroma, tint (NTSC only), and contrast.

The video section automatically detects and displays NTSC or PAL video signals and the selection is indicated by a front panel LED.

The two audio channels may be sent to the left and right internal speakers or to the headphone output for stereo audio monitoring.

External speakers may be connected via terminal posts on the rear panel without the need of an external amplifier.

Two 53-segment high-resolution level meters are provided on the front panel for visually monitoring the two audio channels.

A phase indication LED is also provided to indicate phase relationships between the two audio channels.

The rear panel features an analog video input and loop-through output on BNC connectors, two analog audio inputs and two loop-through outputs on XLR connectors. Power is indicated by a front panel LED.

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Wohler Part Number:8003-0010
Signal Inputs Accepted: 
Monitoring Outputs Available:    
Signal Inputs:1 CVBS Inputs on BNC; 2 Balanced Analog Inputs on XLR
Signal Outputs:1 CVBS Loop-through Video Output on BNC; 2 Balanced Loop-through Audio Outputs on XLR; 2 Outputs on Terminal Posts for External Speakers
Other Features (1):Alternate scales, color mapping and features such as phase correlation or sum & difference may be specified at time of order. Contact us for details.
Aural Sound Outputs:External Speaker Connections;Wohler Speaker System;Headphone, Mutes Speakers
Acoustic Distortion:1.5% or less at frequencies above 200 Hz; 6% or less worst case
Electrical Distortion:Less than 0.1% at any level below limit threshold
Frequency Response (1/6 octave):80 Hz - 16 kHz (+ or -7 dB); (-10 dB @ 50 Hz, 22 kHz)
Peak Acoustic Output @ 2 feet:100 dB SPL
Hum and Noise:> 70 dB below full output
Power Output:RMS Each Side: 20W Transient/11W Continuous
Level Meters:2 x 53 Segment (Vertical)
Level Meter Scale:+16 to -50 dB
Level Meter Dynamics:Simultaneous VU & PPM
Level Meter Resolution:1 dB
# of Video Displays:1
Display Size:4.0 in Diagonal
Display Characteristics:High resolution TFT LCD, Transmissive
Active Viewing Area:3.2"H x 2.4"W (82 mm x 62 mm)
Native Aspect Ratio:4:3
Resolution:480 x 234
Viewing Angle:Top=10, Bottom=30, Left/Right=45
Pixel Pitch:0.171mm W x 0.264MM H
Pixel Response:15 ms rising; 20 ms falling (typical)
Luminance:250 cd/m^2
Contrast:150 to 1
Display Modes:NTSC/PAL auto-sensing
Lamp LIfe:10k hrs avg
Color Depth:262k
Rack Height:2RU
Weight:15.1 lbs (6.8kg)
Dimensions:3.5x19x12.75" (89x483x324mm)
Power Consumption:60W
Rear Panel
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