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Cinnafilm to Seamlessly Broaden Offerings to its RadiantGrid Customer-base

SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 24, 2017 – Wohler Technologies, leading manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, announces that its RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform™ is being acquired by Cinnafilm®, a global leader in innovative video optimization solutions for television, film and multimedia delivery. As a result of the agreement, intellectual property, products, and support contracts related to the RadiantGrid product platform will be integrated with Cinnafilm’s own technology development to provide ongoing feature enhancements.

Currently using Wohler’s RadiantGrid software platform as the processing framework for its Tachyon Wormhole system, Cinnafilm can now seamlessly deploy its technology to the RadiantGrid customer base.

“Cinnafilm has been partnering closely with Wohler for many years as a worldwide distributor of the Tachyon Wormhole appliance,” said Lance Maurer, president and CEO, Cinnafilm. “Our collaboration with Wohler and the integral use of our Tachyon technology within its RadiantGrid platform made it an obvious and smart decision to acquire RadiantGrid and market it as our own.”

Backed by its dedicated, skilled support and development team, Cinnafilm is committed to enhancing customer experiences with the RadiantGrid system. Wohler will be assisting Cinnafilm during a transitional period to ensure a smooth transferal of support and services for its valued customers with a goal of ensuring minimal to no impact to ongoing services. Further questions or inquiries can be sent to rgsupport@cinnafilm.com.

“With constantly developing standards and the rapid growth in new media distribution platforms, the  transfer  of  the  RadiantGrid  technology  to  Cinnafilm  will  allow  Wohler  to  concentrate  on building next generation hardware and software tools within the signal monitoring space, while Cinnafilm  focuses on  providing  world-class  customer  support  and  product  development  of RadiantGrid,”  says Mike Kelly, president and CEO, Wohler.