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iAM. intelligent Adaptable Monitoring.

Wohler Technologies has been in the business of in rack monitoring for over 25 years. In fact we invented it!
Now with the introduction of the iAM Series, Wohler has re-invented this critical piece of broadcast technology for the modern media enterprise.

Flexible. Adaptable. Future Proof.

The iAM Series has been developed from the ground up to take traditional signal monitoring into a new era. Built upon a modern hardware platform, iAM is packed with cleverly architected software functions that can be enabled when required and easily upgraded with new features – continuing to protect your investment into the future.

Easy To Use.

All iAM Series products use the same intuitive browser-based user interface (UI) meaning operators spend less time orientating and more time using. Users will reduce their learning curve and retain a familiar user experience when moving between positions, irrespective of the type of iAM unit in use. Using a ‘responsive’ design, the UI can be used on tablets and mobile devices with the same experience. On the hardware panel iAM Series products employ touch-screens to provide instinctive interactions with monitoring data and configuration controls.

Advanced features can be optionally locked in order to prevent upgrades, logs and system-wide settings being applied, deleted or altered unintentionally.

Fits Right In.

Units can be installed on the same network to allow centralized control. Each unit also supports an API to allow connection to higher level NMS or 3rd party Control & Monitoring systems that can then centrally log information delivered by iAM.

Integration with third party systems such as routers and tally systems are also supported to reduce configuration and improve automation.

Protecting Your Investment.

iAM supports a range of standard interfaces out-of-the-box and also offers additional SFP (small form-factor pluggable) slots allowing customers to upgrade to additional I/O when required.

Supporting upgrades to new technologies such as AoIP options also include Dolby processing, video measurements, audio visualizations and analysis – with more to follow.


World Renowned Quality.

For over 25 years Wohler have been providing the finest signal monitoring solutions to customers that care about quality. Invest in a Wohler  – you won’t be disappointed.

Features / Benefits:

  • Wohler’s quality and experience packed into a platform for the future.
  • Intuitive operation with a browser-based UI for remote control and monitoring.
  • A wide range of inputs & outputs, including SFPs for future upgrades.
  • Open API for remote control, logging and setup.
  • Built-in speakers, headphone jack, USB and Ethernet ports.
  • Future proof design. Software upgradable.
  • Compact, space-saving chassis.

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