Audio Monitoring Solutions

For those who want to focus just on audio, Wohler’s iSeries and AMP Series products provide a wide variety of audio-focused choices in 1U and 2U form factors that won’t break the bank, but also run the gamut from 2 channel to 16 channel monitoring and cover signals from Analog & AES to 3G-SDI as well as Audio over IP and the audio essences of ST-2110 and ST-2022.

  • Audio Monitoring, Metering, Phase measurement, and much more
  • Loudness measurement and custom mixed outputs available for many iSeries units
  • Support for a wide variety of I/O including 3G-SDI, MADI, Audio over IP and audio essences of 2110/2022
  • Remote metering, remote unit configuration and remote control via API for iSeries units.