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12G / 4K SDI video and audio monitor with touch screen controls and optional upgrades for Dolby Atmos, SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6.

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    Flexible. Adaptable. Future Proof.  12G-SDI video and audio monitoring with Dolby Atmos, ST-2110 and ST-2022 upgrade options

    The iAM-12G-SDI is a powerful video and audio monitor, suited to a variety of broadcast, corporate and other professional environments.  It includes two 4K / 12G SDI inputs on BNC.  As an upgrade option, our Dolby® ATMOS option (including Dolby® D, Dolby® D+, and Dolby® E) enables decoding of Atmos content from either SDI or AES3.  But don’t worry, Dolby® D, Dolby® D+, and Dolby® E can also be purchased separately for a lower price. 

    But the future proofing doesn’t end there because the iAM-12G-SDI also allows you to monitor SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6!  Those inputs are available via 4 SFP cages.  See the table below for a complete list of upgrade options. 

    Even better, this unit is ALSO EASY to operate, because it incorporates the mature touch-screen features that were optimized in previous iAM Series units.  Use the included USB port to perform software upgrades, import / export of presets, and charge your devices.  In addition, Wohler is known for powerful sound output and audio reproduction.  This unit continues that tradition with high-quality front mounted speakers and sub-woofers. 

    Looking for 1U Only, but still need 12G-SDI?  View our iVAM1-12G 

    Features & Benefits

    • 2 x 12G (4K) SDI inputs on BNC that also monitor 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals as well 
    • 4 x SFP cages allow a range of optional connectors and signal processing options that is more fully listed in the table below 
    • Optional Dolby® Atmos that also decodes Dolby D, D+ and E streams for playback, metering and metadata 
    • Touch screen front panel for easy, intuitive control 
    • Measure Audio Loudness using ITU-R BS.1770 pr EBU R128 standards 
    • Video monitoring and audio monitoring of up to 16 channels of audio from multiple sources 
    • Built-in speakers, headphone jack, USB and Ethernet ports 
    • Store and retrieve presets via USB or remote software control 
    • APIs for remote control 

    Upgrade Options

    Option Cards for Signal I/O and/or Processing (includes hardware)
    OPT-DOLBY 829167 Enable monitoring of Dolby D, DD+ or E streams. Hardware card with software activation key. Functions on SDI via BNC, or any of the following OPT/SFP’s: OPT-AES, SFP-SDI-Fiber, SFP-2022-6, SFP-2110, and SFP-2110+2022-6
    OPT-DOLBY-ATMOS 829163 Enables monitoring of Dolby Atmos®, D, DD+ or E streams.  Hardware card with software activation key.
    OPT-MADI/ANLG/TOS 829168 Enables monitoring of 8 Analog channels on DB-25, an optical TOSLINK Input, monitoring of 1 x MADI64 input via BNC and an SFP Cage that accepts MADI Optical Inputs.  This option card also enable AoIP as an additional sub-option (either Dante or Ravenna/AES67). Hardware card with software activation key.
    OPT-DANTE 12G 829164 This AoIP option card enables monitoring of up to 64 ch of DanteTM / 2110-30. Adds primary and secondary RJ-45 ports for hitless / 2022-7 support (for Dante and 2110-30 signals).  Hardwdare card with software activation key includes OPT-MADI/ANLG/TOS (829168) card.
    OPT-RAVENNA 64 829165 This AoIP option card enables monitoring of up to 64 ch of RaevennaTM / AES67 / 2110-30 Input streams with NMOS Support.  Adds primary and secondary RJ-45 ports for hitless / 2022-7 support (for Ravenna and 2110-30 signals).  Hardware card with software activation key includes OPT-MADI/ANLG/TOS (829168) card.
    Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) Options
    SFP-2110 w/Ember+ (or NMOS) 829086/-1 Receiver, Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829086-1 for NMOS variant.
    SFP-2022-6 829088 Receiver, LC (fiber) Connectors
    SFP-2110 w/Ember+ (or NMOS) + 2022-6 829087/-1 Receiver, Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829087-1 for NMOS variant.
    SFP-SDI 829089 3G/HD/SD-SDI single video receiver with active loopback. HD-BNC Connectors. Only purchase if 3rd SDI I/P is required.
    SFP-SDI-Fiber 829083 SDI single mode Optical LC (fiber) video receiver. Up to 12G-SDI capable depending on base unit
    SFP-SDI-OUTPUT 829155 3G-SDI Transceiver; HD-BNC connectors; Input and output are both SDI.  SDI Video output frame-rate set to 1080p60 is from selected source (e.g. 2110 to SDI). SFP module with software activation key.
    SFP-HDMI-OUTPUT 829084 SDI to HDMI/DVI output; Video output frame-rate set to 1080p60 from selected video source.  SFP module with software activation key.
    SFP-MADI-Fiber (MM or SM) 829081/2 MADI optical fiber transceiver; Multimode or Singlemode, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829081 for Multimode (MM). Use 829082 for Singlemode (SM).  Requires OPT-MADI/ANLG/TOS option card.


    Dimensions (W x H x D) 2RU in standard 19” rack: 19” x 3.5” x 5.5” (483 mm x 89 mm x 140 mm). Shipping dims: 24”x 17”x 8”
    Shipping Weight / Net Weight 16.0 lbs. (7.3 kg) / 11.0 lbs. (5.0 kg)
    Power Consumption / Supply 40W Typical, 18VDC, 100 to 240 VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz, CE & UL approved
    Display Type / Resolution 2 x 4.3” (109 mm) LCD Capacitive Touchscreen; 480H x 272V
    Viewing Angle 160° (H) x 160° (V)
    Audio Channels 16 Max
    Hum and Noise Better than -75 dB below full output
    Peak Acoustic Output 104 dB SPL @ 2 feet
    Speaker Power Output 15W RMS per side, 30W Peak
    Upgrades Via USB or GUI web interface. Upgrading multiple units available via web interface.
    Presets Programmable/nameable.Can be copied from unit to unit via USB or GUI software / Ethernet
    APIs Get Available Presets; Get Preset Information; Get Active Preset; Set Mute/Unmute Clusters; Set Solo Cluster; Set Solo Channel; Set Source Select