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Dual 10.0″ Widescreen LCD Video Monitor, Dual Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Composite. Audio/Video Metering. 4RU.
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    The RM Series is a full-featured, low-cost range of in-rack 3G/HD/SD-SDI and CVBS video monitors ideal for the many feeds in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, duplication, and post production applications. 

    These tilting monitors come standard with in-monitor level metering, selectable video waveform and vectorscope, safe and title markers, labeling, tally, timecode, video format, and built-in color bars, as well as familiar CRT-style picture controls and an intuitive on-screen configuration menu. 

    Input signals are automatically detected and up to 8 of the 16 audio channels embedded in an HD/SD-SDI bitstream may be selected for visual monitoring on 8 on-screen bar graph style level meters on the 3G and 3G2 models. A headphone jack provides audible stereo monitoring of selected left and right channels. 

    Each of the two high-resolution LCD screens display high-definition or standard-definition video at either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Parameters are selected and adjusted using an on-screen display menu. 

    Features & Benefits


    • User defined hot key functionality provides either H/V delay, underscan, on-screen display, and more 
    • On-screen level meters provide confidence audio monitoring 
    • Tally and on-screen labeling provide quick and easy signal identification 
    • CRT-style image controls allow video image enhancement for each screen individually 


    • In-picture waveform, and vectorscope display 
    • Labelling, tally, timecode, detected video format, safe area and title markers display 
    • On-screen image calibration controls 
    • Gamma color calibration 
    • Built-in color bars 
    • User-defined function buttons 
    • Intuitive on-screen menu 
    • Headphone output 

    A-V Specs

    Meter Dynamics  VU or PPM or both 
    Number of screens  2 

    Physical Specs

    Rack Height  4RU 
    Power Consumption  10 Watts (3.8 Amps Max) 
    Power Supply  External 12VDC/3.8A, CE & UL approved. 
    Dimension Width  19.0″ (483mm) 
    Dimension Height  7.0″ (178mm) 
    Dimension Depth  2.5″ (64mm) 
    Net Weight  7.0 lbs (3.2 kg) 
    Shipping Weight  9.0 lbs (2.7 kg) 
    Shipping Dimensions  N/A (LxWxH)