Software Downloads

Experiencing problems or have a question? Please Contact Support. Below you will find all currently available software updates. Please consult the relevant User Manual or the installation guide within the install package for update instructions.

Note: Some EOL’ed products have no upgrades, and applying incorrect software intended for a different product will result in bricking the unit. Please ensure that you check availability, and then apply the software intended for your product model, and not anything else. Wohler may be able to recover your unit if you brick it, but you will be responsible for costs.

What are the benefits of upgrading software?

  • Improvements in performance and stability.
  • Resolve identified bugs and errors.
  • Add new features and updates.

iSeries Downloads


Download Version 1.3-1


Download Version 1.2-1

AMP Series Downloads


For: AMP1-2SDA; AMP1-2SDA+

Download Version E


Download Version H

3rd Party Downloads


Configuration Software for 2110 and 2022-6 SFP Devices

Download Version 5.11