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16-Channel Mixing Audio Monitor, 1U, with 16 Output Controls. Multi-Source options include Analog, SDI, AES, MADI and AoIP (Dante, Ravenna, AES67)
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    Flexible, Adaptable & Future Proof 16-Channel Mixing Audio Monitor
    This 16-Channel Mixing Audio Monitor was designed for fast-paced outside broadcast, studio and live-to-air production environments. First, iAM-MIX16 provides easy monitoring with instant fast access to either any individual signal source or to user-definable presets that can be a mix of sources for monitoring, summing, muting, soloing and mixing. Signal options include the latest Audio over IP formats (Ravenna / AES67 and Dante), as well as the audio essences of ST-2110, ST-2022.

    In addition to individual channel encoders that handle channel-specific volume levels, instant-mute, and hold-for-solo, the MIX16 also has an independent master level control for master-volume and global muting. OLED display indicators show status, presence metering and channel name – which can be manually edited or automatically updated from a network-connected router. A front mounted USB port is provided for software updates to support new and emerging technologies. All iAM Series monitors are built with an onboard web server. Multiple units on the same network can be updated, monitored and controlled via a browser-based user interface that supports fast configuration.

    In short, iAM-MIX16 is the perfect solution for any application that requires a simple, compact solution for monitoring a range of professional audio signals.

    Only need 8 channels for your audio mix monitor, not 16? See our iAM-MIX8

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    Features And Benefits

    • 16-Channel Mixing Audio Monitor with individual, Selectable Output Controls
    • AoIP Monitor: Options include Ravenna / AES67, Dante, ST-2110 & ST 2022
    • Fast selection and summing of up to 16 audio channels, allowing quick muting and hold-for-solo
    • Master volume control that also provides a master mute/unmute
    • Channel names can be displayed for each input or pulled from a router
    • Built-in speakers, headphone jack, USB and Ethernet ports
    • A range of included and optional connectors and signal processing options, including SFP slots for future I/O and Ethernet inputs for IP-based I/O
    • Store and retrieve presets up to 64 presets (16 accessible on front panel)
    • Software upgradeable via USB or network
    • APIs included for remote control

    Upgrade Options

    Signal & Processing Options (software only, no hardware)
    OPT-AES 829080 Enables decoding and monitoring of 4 x AES Input Pairs. Software activation key.
    OPT-MADI 829092 Enables decoding and monitoring of 1 x MADI64 input via BNC with 1 looped output.  Software activation key.
    OPT-OUTPUT ROUTING 829159 Enables the flexibility to route input signals to various outputs.  Software activation key.
    Processing Options (includes hardware)
    OPT-DANTE 829078 Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Dante™ Input.  Hardware card with software activation key.
    OPT-RAVENNA 64 829173 Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Ravenna™ / AES67 Input.  Includes NMOS support.  Hardware card with a software activation key.
    Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) Options
    SFP-2110 w/Ember+ (or NMOS) 829086/-1 Receiver, Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829086-1 for NMOS variant.
    SFP-2022-6 829088 Receiver, LC (fiber) Connectors
    SFP-2110 w/Ember+ (or NMOS) + 2022-6 829087/-1 Receiver, Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829087-1 for NMOS variant.
    SFP-SDI 829089 3G/HD/SD-SDI single video receiver with active loopback. HD-BNC Connectors. Only purchase if 3rd SDI I/P is required.
    SFP-SDI-Fiber 829084 SDI single mode Optical LC (fiber) video receiver. Up to 12G-SDI capable depending on base unit
    SFP-MADI-Fiber (MM or SM) 829081/2 MADI optical fiber transceiver; Multimode or Singlemode, LC (fiber) Connectors. Use 829081 for Multimode (MM). Use 829082 for Singlemode (SM).


    Dimensions (W x H x D) 1RU in standard 19” rack: 19” x 1.75” x 6.5” (483 mm x 45 mm x 165 mm). Shipping dims: 23”x 6”x 12”
    Shipping Weight / Net Weight 8.5 lbs. (3.9 kg) / 6.5 lbs. (2.9 kg)
    Power Consumption / Supply 40W Typical, 18VDC, 100 to 240 VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz, CE & UL approved
    Display Type / Resolution Passive Matrix OLED x 16
    Audio Channels 16 Max
    Hum & Noise
    Better than -68 dB below full output
    Peak Acoustic Output 90 dB SPL @ 2 feet
    Speaker Power Output 4W RMS per side, 8W Peak
    Presets 16 programmable/nameable. Can be copied from unit to unit via USB or GUI software and Ethernet
    Upgrades Via USB or GUI software & Ethernet; Upgrading multiple units available via web interface
    Router Integrations Units support Evertz, Grass Valley & Tallyman protocols for automated display of channel labels
    APIs Get Available Presets; Get Preset Information; Get Active Preset; Apply Preset; Set Mute/Unmute
    Channel; Set Solo Channel; Source Select