SFP-2110 with NMOS or Ember+

SKU: 829086-1 (NMOS) or 829086 (Ember+)

SMPTE 2110 receiver; Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC (fiber) Connectors. SFP module with software feature activation key. Use Emset to configure SFP.  Ordering Note:  Use 829086-1 for 2110 with NMOS or 829086 for 2110 with Ember+

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Audio Monitor Video Monitor ST-2110 (option) Fiber Optic (option) SFP Socket


This optional SFP and software activation key can be purchased and installed in the products listed below:

  • iAM-12G-SDI and iVAM1-12G – 1U or 2U 12G-SGI Audio-Video Monitors with numerous signal & processing options
  • iVAM1-3 and iVAM2-2 – 1U or 2U 3G-SDI capable Audio-Video Monitors.  Analog also ships standard.
  • IAM-AUDIO-1-PLUS and IAM-AUDIO-2-PLUS – 16 Channel Audio-only Monitors, available in 1U or 2U, 3G-SDI & Analog are standard
  • IAM1-8  and IAM2-8 – 8 Channel Audio-only Monitors, available in 1U or 2U, 3G-SDI & Analog are standard
  • IAM-MIX8 and IAM-MIX16 – 8 or 16 Channel Audio-only MIX Monitors (audio essence only)
  • iVAM1-1 – Budget-friendly 1U, 3G-SDI/Analog, Audio-Video Monitor (no Dolby option, no Output Routing option)


It is also available on these end of life products:

  • IAM-AUDIO-1 and IAM-AUDIO-2 – 16 Channel Audio-only Monitors, available in 1U or 2U (replaced by AUDIO-PLUS’s above)


Note: It is recommended that setup and configuration of this option is completed using the MN SET application, available at our Downloads page.

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